Understanding the basics of workers’ compensation in Arizona

What happens if a worker is injured at the workplace? That’s where workers’ compensation comes into play. Arizona laws make workers’ compensation a no-fault system. If someone is injured at work, they can get medical benefits under workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of who or what caused the accident. Insurance compensation will cover for medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. Following a job-related injury or diagnosis of illness, it is wise to consult a Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer, to get the most of the claim. For help, we are discussing the basics of workers’ compensation in Arizona. 

 Filing a workers’ compensation claim

Immediately after the accident, the injured worker must report the same to the employer. This should be done within a reasonable time, and you can choose to inform your supervisor too. The written accident report should include all aspects, such as cause of the accident, actual place & time of the accident, date, and so on. Here are the remaining steps at a glance- 

  1. See a doctor. If your injuries are serious, see a doctor immediately. Let the physician know that you were injured at work, and they will give the “Worker’s Report of Injury Form”. Ensure that you tell the doctor of symptoms and concerns you may have related to your injuries. Be careful about completing the “Worker’s Report”, and it is necessary to mention date, time and cause of the accident. 
  2. Initiating your claim. Talk to your lawyer to know about the process, so that you can file your claim. All workers’ compensation claims in Arizona are handled by the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA). Your doctor will submit their form with the ICA. 
  3. The fate of the claim. Once you have submitted the paperwork and necessary evidence to the Industrial Commission of Arizona, they will inform the insurance company. You will get a letter with necessary details, within 14 days. You can contact the ICA to know more, if you don’t get the letter in time. The insurer must decide about the claim within 21 days, from the date of receiving the notice. 

If you case is denied, your workers’ compensation lawyer can help with the appeal. Keep in mind that insurance companies are not on your side in such circumstances. They may adhere to tactics to accept or delay the claim, and it is wise to hire a lawyer, to negotiate further. Take a look online for best attorneys in Phoenix now!

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