5 Myths About Hiring Injury Attorneys In Colorado

You were injured in a car accident, because the other driver was negligent. Your immediate response should be about calling the police, and it is also wise to see an injury doctor. The next big question is – Should you consider hiring one of personal injury attorneys in Colorado? People often have their reservations about hiring an attorney. In this post, we are busting some of these myths about engaging an injury attorney. 

  1. Personal injury lawyers are expensive. Yes, attorneys often charge a contingency fee for personal injury lawsuits, which can be as high as 40% of the final settlement. However, you don’t have to pay the lawyer right away. There are no upfront charges – The lawyer only asks for a fee, only if they win a financial settlement for you.
  2. Any attorney will do. That’s another myth. A lawyer who helped with your rental agreement isn’t the right fit for your personal injury lawsuit. Take your time to review your options, check for top law firms in Colorado, and compare your options based on reviews. An attorney specializing in personal injury law will also share references on request. 
  3. Lawyers are shady. No, they are not. As in any profession, not all personal injury lawyers are same, but they are anything but shady. Like we mentioned, for personal injury cases, lawyers don’t usually ask for a fee immediately. Depending on the facts of the case, your attorney may actually advance some of the other expenses for you. 
  4. Attorneys are working with insurance companies behind your back. Not true at all! Most attorneys know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies, and they are representing the client, not the insurer. As such, your lawyer will not accept a settlement, until they think of it as fair. Also, keep in mind that personal injury attorneys have credibility to worry about.
  5. You have to chase the attorney for updates. Most personal injury attorneys work with clients in a transparent manner. They will do their best to ensure that clients get regular updates, and if the lawyer is not accessible directly, they will at least have someone in the firm to answer you. 

Just take your time before you hire a personal injury attorney for your case in Colorado. Websites like Avvo are handy for finding local attorneys, and you can also check for reviews posted on Google to compare your choices. Hire an attorney as soon as possible, to get a fair settlement without delay. 


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