The Many Benefits of Working from Home

There was a time when working from home was unheard of; employees had to carry out their work at the business premises, then along came digital technology and everything changed. The pandemic saw an explosion of people working from home, as businesses were forced to close their offices and thanks to the Internet, some employees could work remotely, keeping the business afloat.

Freedom & Independence

From an employee’s perspective, what’s not to like about working from home? You have the freedom to manage your day, as long as the work gets done and you can forget the rush hour traffic! As the lockdowns continued throughout Australia, businesses realized that their running costs had dropped significantly, as the office was closed and when things reopened, many businesses kept non-essential staff working remotely in order to minimize costs. Employees are only human after all,  and working from home offers an unprecedented level of freedom and independence; indeed, many employees would not return to an office environment after experiencing working from home.

Video Conference Solutions

There is a leading Australian provider of Enterprise Audio /Visual Conferencing and they can set up a secure connection for your up and coming video meeting, ensuring that your conversations are private. Whether you use Zoom or Skype for Business, the potential is huge and the user interface is easy to follow; each participant can mute their mic or camera at any time, plus there are powerful tools to aid collaboration; file sharing and updating in real time are just a couple of examples.

Be More Productive

The time you save travelling to and from the office gives you a head start and with some good time management, you’ll find that you are more productive when working remotely. If your boss recognizes your extra output, that will put you in line for promotion in the not-too-distant future. Of course, a level of self-discipline is required when you work from home, which ensures that you stay on track to meet your work targets.

Work Anywhere

There is no reason why you can’t jet off to Thailand or Bali and live and work in a tropical paradise, which would slash your living costs; there are many Australians who are now digital nomads and most of them live in tropical countries where the cost of living is much lower than at home.

If you are fortunate enough to be working from home, you won’t need reminding of the many perks that come with the territory.

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