Everything About Nuts & Bolts And The Different Types Of Nuts

The modern world would be incomplete without all the technology and machinery that people have today. But there is something else without which none of this machinery would exist, and that thing is fasteners.

The Most Popular Type Of Fasteners

Many different types of fasteners are used for many other purposes, but the most popular ones are probably nuts & bolts. Nuts and bolts have their popularity because of their design that helps give strength and durability to whatever thing they are used in. Apart from that, there is another thing that makes nuts and bolts so popular, and there are many different types of nuts and bolts.

Types Of Nuts

  • Hex nuts are the nuts that are used with hex bolts. They are straightforward to tighten and loosen and have six sides as they are in a hexagon structure.
  • Pushed nuts are types of nuts that can be capped or uncapped and need a nut driver to install. They are used with fasteners that are not threaded.

Nuts are essential because they are what hold the bolt or any other type of fasteners.

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