Top Reasons You Should Consider Buying Triple-Glazed Windows

Enhancing the energy efficiency of a home is one of the main things a lot of residential property owners are looking to do. Triple-glazing offers numerous benefits, the best of which is improving the energy efficiency of the home in question. It also comes with the added benefit of enhancing your home’s security. Due to today’s building regulations prohibiting single glazing and the added benefits of triple-glazing, you typically won’t find many people even considering single-glazing windows

Is there a time in the near future where even double glazing will be insufficient? If so, you can expect triple-glazing to become the standard for homeowners.

First, let us go over exactly what glazing is, what triple glazing is, and why it is even needed. A lot of newer home builds feature glazing in different areas, with windows, sliding glass doors, and even roof lights being glazed. With so many points of entry reliant on glass, it can have significant implications for energy waste throughout the home. After all, heat is capable of getting through windows much more easily than it would be able to with a solid structure. This is especially true when that structure has built-in insulation.

As more and more regulations come out that are much more stringent, glazing companies have come up with solutions to make their products much more energy-efficient than ever before. This has led to the formulation of triple-glazing. It offers two air pockets between the panes rather than the single one offered by inferior versions.

Energy Efficiency

For many homes in northern Europe that are tasked with handling colder temperatures year-round, triple glazing has become the industry standard. Likewise, it is even considered a basic standard for any of the modern energy-efficient new build homes. Any home looking to maintain the highest levels of energy efficiency is likely to have triple-glazing as it offers much better and more effective insulation than the lesser alternatives.

A Triple-Glazed Window Pane: Benefits


Triple-glazing is capable of offering much higher levels of insulation.

The reality is, triple-glazing offers much greater energy efficiency than the new building regulations require. When installed properly, it is extremely energy efficient. We say installed properly because there is absolutely no reason to have super-insulated windows if there are air gaps surrounding the window.


Not only do the extra three panes make the glass much more efficient, there are added features that are available in both double and triple-glazed products that can enhance their value and performance. For instance, an inert gas like argon being inserted between the glass panes can make it much better as an insulating product.

Low E glass is another one that can directly enhance insulation performance: This product has metal oxide which is an invisible coating on the inside of the glass pane. This can help to provide a reflective surface to drive heat back into the room its in.

Finally, you should be looking for any product that features a “warm edge” spacer bar that sits between the panes: Instead of being made up of the traditional aluminium component, they are made up of plastic composite which is much less conducive to heat.

Security and Noise

There will be enhanced security with triple-glazing because they feature a thicker glass. This can make the windows much more difficult to break into.

While there is a noise reduction benefit, it isn’t the greatest. Triple-glazing isn’t the most efficient or effective at reducing noise. Therefore, if this is something that you are prioritising, you may want to look elsewhere. Secondary glazing can work much better for sound insulation.

Are Triple-Glazed Windows Worth Getting?

This likely depends on your situation, where you are located, and what you are prioritising. They are absolutely worth investing in if you are located in a colder climate where you are prioritising home comfort and energy efficiency. Otherwise, you may want to consider secondary glazing for windows.

Keep in mind, if your reason for investing in triple-glazing has to do with helping the environment as a whole, it may not be worth it. After all, glass-making is one of the most demanding manufacturing processes. Because of this, you won’t necessarily be doing a great favour to the environment by getting them.

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