Great Sustainable Packaging Ideas That Would Boost Your Brand Image

Be it any industry companies are facing serious competition. They keep trying innovative solutions to make their company stand out among their competitors. Apart from offering better customer experience and unique products, they have started giving importance to packaging their products.

About one thirds of the people are likely to purchase products from companies that are environmentally conscious. Sustainable packaging is seen as a great way to boost a company’s reputation. With the ‘go green’ principle gaining momentum, it is high time your company turns to sustainable solutions for packaging.

Customised boxes:

Many companies deliver their products in large boxes with adequate cushioning to keep their products safe. A great sustainable alternative is to custom cardboard boxes that fit your product snugly. If you are looking for high-quality sustainable packaging solutions, contact Belley. They are the leading manufacturers of corrugated products.

They offer 100% customisation and help you to save up on so much waste incurred from large packaging containers. With customised fitted boxes, you save more on packaging and shipping costs. After having decided to go ahead with this sustainable packaging solution, you can try the following to maximise the gains.

Ways to make your product packaging sustainable:

  • Labelling: Most packaging boxes end up in trash. When using eco-friendly packaging solutions, you can instead convince your customers to recycle the packaging rather than tossing it away into trash. Add clear labelling regarding disposal or recycling instructions.

  • Lightweight: Opt for lightweight packaging since lightweight ones require less material and cost for packaging. You control the amount of waste that ends up in landfills thus helping the environment more.
  • Recyclable materials: If you are looking for ways that create least environmental damage, recyclable options like cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, paper and recyclable plastic. Talk to your box manufacturer about the different box materials they offer and choose the most-sustainable solution.
  • Edible packaging: Edible packaging is an innovative way to totally eliminate packaging disposal wastes. Such packaging materials are designed to be edible or easily biodegradable.
  • Slim packaging: Using a snugly-fit packaging box is getting increasingly popular due to the ease of packaging and cost-cutting considerations.

Choose a smarter way to pack your products and make heads turn. Build a better reputation among the public by choosing eco-friendly solutions. Packaging may seem like a miniscule change, but it has the power to make you stay ahead of your competitors.

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