Five Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

After you’ve turned your idea into a business, the next step is usually marketing that business in order to attract customers. While marketing may come easily to some, for others it can be a chore. Here are five strategies to consider.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re new to marketing, avoid immediately focusing on the most obvious tools. Do some Google searches for marketing techniques that can effectively get your name out there in positive ways. For example, Cassandra Toroian created IdeaMensch as an interview platform for new and seasoned entrepreneurs to broadcast their ideas and philosophies. This platform also exposes you to other entrepreneurs from whom you can learn. These types of opportunities can pay dividends down the road in your marketing strategy.

Social Media

From possibly the least obvious, we’ll skip to probably the most obvious strategy. Utilizing social media is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get your brand in front of a significant number of eyes. Be sure to consider all the platforms if you are attempting to reach all age ranges. If your brand is targeted to one particular age group, you may be able to focus on just one or two social media options.


Blogging may seem arduous if you don’t like to write. Rest assured, you can include lots of pictures and videos in your blogs to take up space and keep people’s attention. Once you’ve established a budget to hire staff, blogging may be a task to delegate to others. However, in the beginning, it’s worth spending your time on blog posts to prove to folks that you know what you’re talking about and that your product is worth the investment.

Video Tutorials

Make videos to show how to use your product or to show how your service works. Videos capture people’s attention and they are more likely to spend extra minutes watching than reading. Be sure to link the videos to your social media pages. Short and sweet videos won’t overwhelm and they can be powerful tools for your marketing strategy.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization isn’t as hard as it sounds but it does take some studying to really understand. The fact is, it’s important and it’s worth it to spend your time doing some research into this topic. In fact, the time spent on this topic can save you loads of time down the road creating content that customers will never find.

It’s worth spending time creating a marketing strategy. At the same time, you can start with a few of these options while researching more advanced topics. Your plan should be compromised of a variety of tools to reach a variety of audiences. Focus on who you want to reach and what you want people to know. Then choose the best ways to connect the two. As your business grows, lean on staff and advisors to grow and improve your marketing strategy. The strategy needs to evolve just as dynamically as your brand.

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