Executing Strategy: Reviewing Strategy Planning Software For Growing Businesses

Strategic planning – As an entrepreneur, business owner, or manager, you must have heard this term a million times. Setting goals – both short & long-term- is key to achieving organizational objectives. However, strategy cannot be contained in folders and files. Plans that are merely numbers or points on a spreadsheet, do not get executed. For that, you need collaboration within the organization, across all departments and levels. The basic purpose of strategy planning software is to enable that. In this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects, including the relevance of such tools for growing businesses, strategy planning software pricing and more.

Benefits worth knowing

One of the key aspects of strategy execution is effective communication. Every executive within the organization should know about their roles, responsibilities and place in getting work done. Transparency and clear communication ensure that work is done as per schedule and plans, and that’s where strategy planning software helps. It allows the management to create a roadmap and involve everyone. Work can be measured in terms of progress, necessary corrective or preventive steps can be taken where needed, and data and reports can be generated, for further use.

Beyond transparency, strategy planning tools also work wonders in motivating the team and everyone involved, because people are made a part of the project, and it also gets away with the roadblocks and departmental silos.

What are the common features?

Every strategy planning tool has its own features, but some of the basic things that can be expected include – strategy map & frameworks, custom elements, ability to create milestones, user management, notifications, and option to divide organizational goals into smaller objectives. The best strategy planning software products are also designed to integrate with other apps like Google Docs, Dropbox and One Drive, and managers and executives can add notes and progress reports, where needed.

How much do strategy planning tools cost?

It depends largely on the features, and most vendors either charge on a monthly, or annual basis, based on the number of users. If your company hasn’t invested in strategy planning tools as yet, we recommend that you consider the features, whether a mobile interface is available, and whether the product has a simplified user platform, before taking the final call. Vendor support and ability to deploy the product are other aspects to take note.

For businesses that are growing and expanding with time, strategy planning tools are a must.

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