Doing your homework and limiting leverage in cfd trading

When trading in Singapore on CFD, you need to do your homework and understand what you do, both in terms of your specific trading portfolio and CFD trading basics. You don’t have to start to trade before you know what a market order or a limit order is.

Educate yourself. You don’t have to try trading in forex CFDs before you get to understand the difference which is there between a GBP/USD and USD/GBP quote. And you shouldn’t expect to be a specialist in all the classes of assets or all markets. It is best in picking a niche and then sticks to it.

It is okay to utilize leverage but you need to consider that, in majority of cases, it is unrealistic thinking that the price is going to move instantly all the time in the right direction after opening a position.

If the leverage is high, then a small move of about 0.1% in a direction which is wrong might make you to close out the position, and there will be no profit for you in case price bounces back and start to move in the correct direction that you desire.

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