Divorce in Utah: Dealing with domestic violence

At times, a divorcing couple may not agree to aspects related to the divorce. That’s okay, and often, mediation and negotiation between the lawyers can sort issues. However, if your spouse has been threatening you, or when there was a history of domestic violence, you may want to take additional steps. If you fear for your own safety, and/or security of your children, especially after initializing the divorce, there are options to consider. First things first, consider hiring a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer, in case you don’t have a lawyer until now. Your lawyer can proceed ahead with the options on your behalf. In this post, we are sharing more on dealing with domestic violence when you have filed (or are considering) for divorce. 

Contact law enforcement

It doesn’t matter if you have hired an attorney or not. If you are dealing with domestic violence, inform the law enforcement authorities right away. When you have a minor child involved, this is even more important for their safety. Also, such threats or acts of domestic violence can have a huge impact in the future, when child custody comes up in the course of divorce proceedings. 

Insist on getting a psychological evaluation of your spouse

If you have informed the local law enforcement and have documentation of the same, you can approach the court and ask for a psychological evaluation of your spouse. Sometimes, this could pave the way for optimistic change in the person. For example, if your husband/wife is a habitual drunkard, the evaluation can help them seek remedies. In some cases, such tests and evaluation have even saved marriages. 

Speak up

Apart from informing the law enforcement, you have to talk about your domestic violence experience. Living in fear and dealing with threats can impact your mental wellbeing and take a toll on your sanity. Don’t be scared to tell people about your circumstances. If you are not feeling well about your mental, talk to a therapist. There are also organizations that can offer help for those dealing with domestic violence. 

Get a restraining order

Your attorney can help you get a restraining order from the court, which will prevent the abuser from getting close to you, or your kids. When you cannot stop the threats otherwise, this is the ideal option. In case of a divorce, where domestic violence is a ground, or an important concern of the petitioner, getting the order doesn’t have to be hard. 

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