Business Marketing Companies: Is Short the Next Big Thing?

Recently, Instagram added short form video to its service, and the move was seen as a shift in preferences in terms of a constantly evolving market. This move also instantly pitted Instagram’s 15 second video clips against Twitter’s 6 second Vine program. As per reports, Vine’s shares of videos dropped by nearly 40% within a day of Instagram’s short video feature launch.

Surely, Twitter’s popularity as far as business marketing companies is concerned is unquestionable, but there are still doubts over whether short videos (less than 30 seconds) are a great idea for B2B marketing. Some experts are of the opinion that this is just like another tool, and marketers who are going to get attention and built stronger relationships are the ones who can find new ways to use these tools. It’s not just about being creative, it’s also about making a statement about the business.

Business marketing companies have also observed that short videos are gaining organic search attention, owing to the fact that Google rewards videos that have high placements in query results. Essentially, businesses as well as entrepreneurs now have another medium to exploit for business success, and they are happy to explore the possibilities for reaching out to their TG with a unique proposition that till now, seems extremely promising. These videos have also been compared to billboards in the sky that point the viewer to some other direction, as they can be great for branding as well as spontaneous campaigns like trade shows or exhibitions where marketers want quick and efficient communication.

Now, there’s no doubt about the fact that business marketing companies are using Twitter rather extensively, the Vine app or Instagram’s video feature is hardly being used in marketing campaigns. The main reason for this phenomenon is that marketers don’t think that 6 or 15 seconds are enough time to get the job done. So, while one might be able to do a branding campaign, it might not be as effective in driving a message or promoting a particular product in the right way. While slightly longer short videos, so to speak, of around two minutes’ duration are being used on LinkedIn as well, Vine and Instagram might be pushing it a bit too much.

Primarily for business marketing companies that cater to a B2B audience, the complexity and detailing of the brand offering is just too much to be explained clearly in such a short duration, so it seems that videos are not the goldmine they were expected to be!

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