Boosting Up The Research Skills- Singapore Research And Development

Technology is always fuelled by innovation. Such techniques help out in finding the solutions to existing problems and making the earth a better place for sustainability. Something similar is also promoted in the research hub of Singapore. In 1997, the collaboration between Singapore and Israel led to the setup of the Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, popularly called as SIIRD.

The purpose of SIIRD is to offer fundings to the breakthrough singapore research and development and bring the ideas into true implementation. Thus, the upcoming content speaks in detail about it.

Types of funding

The following are major types of fundings offered under this grant:

  • Full-scale R&D commercialization and projects grant
  • Mini R&D commercialization and projects grant
  • Feasibility study grant
  • Pilot project grant

The process

The following outlines the process of earning funding from the grant in the name of singapore research and development:

  • Getting connected to the official website to know about the methodology of working of different types of funds.
  • Knowing about the associated partners who can aid in the research.
  • Filling up the application of the grant, and fulfilling all of the pre-requisites.
  • Downloading the templates for research proposal and process.

Thus, it is fruitful to go for this procedure and earn the required boosting to give implementation to your ideas.

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