Amazing Facts About Precious and Rare Metals

What is the difference between gold and silver? What are some precious metals that you should know about? These questions and more will be explored in this blog post. First, we’ll take a look at different metals categorized as either “precious” or “rare.” Then, read on to determine what makes these metals so valuable and why they’re worth protecting.

-gold is a precious metal that can be used to make jewelry.

-silver is another type of precious metal that has many practical applications as well.

-platinum, rhodium, iridium, osmium are all rare metals found throughout the world.

Precious Metals


Gold is a yellowish element known for its use in creating jewelry pieces due to its malleability and beautiful golden color. Gold is also used in making coins, electronics, dental fillings, and wiring because of how inert the metal is when it comes into contact with air or water. Check out


Silver has a very similar appearance to gold, but silver lacks the yellowish hue found in gold due to more impurities present during smelting. Silver can be polished to give off an incredible shine, making it perfect for creating jewelry pieces such as rings and necklaces for everyday wear or special occasions alike. The majority of silver produced today goes towards industrial applications such as solar panels and photographic film emulsions rather than fashion purposes like gold does since purer forms are required for these uses compared to those needed by fashion designers.


Rhodium is a rare metal that can be mixed with platinum to create what’s known as “white gold.” This alloy of metals creates something more durable and stronger than either one on its own, making it perfect for those who work in the heavy industry or do any job where their hands risk being damaged by wear and tear. A downside to rhodium is how expensive this precious metal comes at; however, if you’re looking for your very first white gold ring, then we suggest considering purchasing an affordable alternative such as tungsten carbide since this will still give off the same appearance as genuine rhodium would but won’t cost nearly as much!


Iridium has only been discovered within our planet in the past 40 years, which makes it one of the newest elements found within Earth’s crust. As a result, this rare metal is in high demand because not only does it have many industrial applications, such as in creating car parts and filaments for light bulbs, but iridium also has a shallow melting point when compared to other metals like steel or aluminum, making this extremely resistant to corrosion.

The Bottom Line

Iridium can be used in producing coins, jewelry items, watches due to its ability to resist scratches against more complex materials that would typically cause damage against gold or silver without leaving any visible markings at all!

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