5 Strategies for Increasing Conversions in Customers’ Purchase Journey

Whether you just digitally transformed your brand or have been in the ecommerce industry for years, there is one thing that will never change: converting your target audience into paying customers.

Sure, you have everything you need to attract your target audience, from an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate website to active social media platforms and creative digital marketing ads.

However, even with excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tools and marketing materials, you might not make that much profit as you thought you would. If that is the case, try to look back and see what you have done so far.

In most cases, the cause of this problem is the inability to nurture loyal customers. Customer loyalty means a lot to all businesses as it costs less to retain existing customers compared to gaining new ones.

To guarantee customer loyalty, you have to go through a few stages of the customer’s purchase journey. Here, watch this video to get a glimpse of the stages of the customer’s purchase journey.

In this article, you will learn further about the conversion stage and the ecommerce SEO strategies that you can use to gain their trust and help increase the conversion rates.

What Is the Conversion Stage?

It is the third stage of the customer’s purchase journey and the process of making the target audience trust your brand, from products to services.

At this point, they already have considered the type of products or services they need or want from your brand. The only thing left is to guarantee that what you are offering can meet their needs.

The conversion stage plays a crucial role in gaining their trust and assuring they will make a purchase. Thus, the content SEO marketing campaign created for this stage is to get the target audience to understand why your brand is the best option to choose from among their choices, and they would have a seamless customer experience.

5 Ecommerce SEO Strategies That Increase Conversion Rates


Cut Down the Use of Jargon

The secret to persuading the target audience is clarity. That means delivering your message as clearly, concise, and brief as possible.

When producing SEO marketing campaigns, try not to woo your target audience with fancy words. If you do so, they might not be able to understand what you mean, especially if the terms are often used and only discussed in your industry.

For example, the word “finish” in the printing industry means the texture of the paper used in the printed ads. Its meaning is very different from the general definition of “finish”, which is complete or end.

Try to use simple words so the target audience would know what you mean and does not have to spend too much time deciphering it for them to understand.

Address Customer’s Objections

When a target audience sees your offer, expect them to have a bit of hesitation. Some part of their consciousness would make them think twice and reconsider their decision.

Unlike in-person, addressing their concerns can be a bit more difficult online. As an ecommerce store, you have to prepare yourself and resolve all possible objectives beforehand.

Listed below are just a few concerns they may have, along with responses that you can have to assure them.

  • What happens if it does not work for me? (share reviews from previous customers who have purchased the products or services)
  • Is it worth the money? Are there more affordable alternatives out there? (give a price breakdown, compare the item from others, and prove the worth of what the brand offer)

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

Consumers are constantly searching for the best solution for what they need or want. That is why before they check out an item from your shop, expect them to have done their homework.

However, there will be a few people who would shop without doing further research. In that case, you should take advantage of that and amplify your unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate your business from your competitors.

People generally value convenience. For example, when choosing the top web design companies in Singapore, instead of doing in-depth research, most people will often glance through the homepage of your website. As such, focus on highlighting your business’ USP on your homepage and utilise the right SEO keywords related to your products and services. Doing so would help redirect your target audience to you when they search for keywords related to your business.

Eliminate or Lower the Risks

Another way to increase conversion in your customer’s purchase journey is to eliminate or lower the risk of the transaction. Keep in mind that if the risk is too huge to take, expect the probability of your target audiences making a purchase to decrease.

To prevent that, offer something that would guarantee their transaction with your brand. Here are just a few examples that various industries often do.

  • Some clothing shops offer free returns if the consumer reviewed the size guide but the garment still did not fit well.
  • For pizza joints, they often promise to provide free pizza when the delivery is late on the given time.

Giving this kind of reassurance helps the consumers have peace of mind with their transactions and get the most out of their purchases.

Offer Rewarding Loyalty

Even though your target audience already purchased from your brand before, you cannot expect them to add something new from time to time without any incentive for them. That is why besides improving your products or services, consider offering them some rewards.

By giving discounts or any promotions, you are giving your target audience something to look forward to. As such, they will become more persuaded to purchase your products or services. This would help you win their trust and attract new customers to support and rely on your brand as they enjoy your loyalty rewards.

The Bottom Line

The customer experience is the trump card that actually converts the target audience into paying customers. The problem, however, is that many businesses overlook this, especially when they already made a sale.

As much as possible, try not to be like them since your customer’s purchase is not yet over. You have to strengthen the relationship with them to guarantee they will be with your brand for a long time.

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