Understanding Quantitative v Qualitative Business Research

Collecting and analysing customer data is an important part of conducting market and business research. Utilising data in an accurate and effective way is a key component of improving a business over a longer period of time and there are different ways in which you can go about this. Working with companies that have experience in collecting, collating and analysing business research on your behalf is a good strategy if you are thinking about your long-term goals and thinking about how you can improve your operation. It is important to always consider that this type of analysis only works effectively if it uses accurate data that provides you with a clear picture and a clear pathway to improvement.

Two of the major types of data that can be collected during market and business research is quantitative and qualitative research. A market research company will understand the ins and outs and benefits of both and provide you with the best pathway to success by utilising the correct data in the correct way.

There are some old rules of marketing that still apply, but the best businesses are those that remain innovative and look for new ways to enhance their service and the processes that employees go through every single day. By taking on modern techniques of market research you can discover new ways in which to work and target specific areas of the business that can be tweaked or changed entirely to elicit a positive response and see significant improvement.

Qualitative research is a type of methodology that focuses on the feelings of those interviewed, what they think and how they came to make certain decisions about your business, services and products. This type of research is focused on an open discussion that follows a relaxed structure. The person leading a customer panel for instance, will have some key topics and ideas that they wish to discuss and will guide the conversation in a certain way, hoping to gain insight.

Quantitative research on the other hand is more structured and focuses on statistics and data through a sizeable sample of respondents. The research is based on closed questions that provide definitive answers and allows for the data to be collated and ranked in a way that helps out together an honest assessment. This is usually put together in the form of questionnaires.


If you are interested in putting together a plan of action that analyses data and puts together a plan of action for your company, it is always worthwhile to seek out expertise in that area. Market research and the collation and analysis of data from the industry (including customer data) can really help a business to improve its operation, but it can only do so if it is used in the correct manner. Attempting to conduct business research without the experience and knowledge of how to do so, could actually end up doing more damage than good. Prioritise qualitative and quantitative data analysis from experts and you’ll see a marked improvement in your strategic endeavours.

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