Looking For Commercial Cleaning Services? Check These Aspects!

Your office building and workplace create the first impression on customers and visitors. Upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning, must be done regularly, not merely for curb appeal, but also to offer a clean and safe working environment for your employees. Hiring commercial cleaners and janitors on your payroll can be overwhelming, which is the precise reason we have come up with a guide that will help you choose between local services.

  • Check for reviews. Popular services, like Steamatic of Virginia Peninsula, would have good reviews. Companies that are dealing in commercial cleaning for years should have a respectable clientele, and if you don’t find much through independent reviews on Google, you can call the company and ask for references.
  • Find the basic details. Is the company licensed? Do they have liability insurance? Do they have trained, professional, and insured workers? Do they have a physical office? Do they have any clients in your local area? These are just some of the basic questions worth asking.

  • Get an estimate. Eventually, you would want the commercial cleaning company to be affordable in the long run, and for that, the cost of monthly or annual contract is something to consider. Most companies will offer no-obligation estimates, and you can expect them to do the cleaning as per a fixed schedule.
  • Other services. Beyond basic cleaning and janitor services, check if the commercial cleaning service can handle things like disinfection, dusting, and carpet cleaning. Deep cleaning may be required once in a couple of months, or so, and the company should be able to handle it all.
  • Flexibility. Can the commercial cleaning company get your office cleaned before the working hours? Can they adjust their work schedule as per your business needs? If they work during office hours, how do they plan to handle work disruptions? Ensure that you have answers to these questions, and if needed, pay a personal visit to their office.

Finally, do consider having a contract with clear terms & conditions, so that there is no room for any conflict, or you don’t have to deal with unwanted add-ons later. A good commercial cleaning company is an asset for your business, and they can help you keep up with the current cleanliness requirements, which are quite necessary in the pandemic era of 2020. Just don’t look for the cheapest quote and find a company that works in the commercial sector and can offer references, on request.

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