Get Custom Mobile Device Management Solutions For Your Business

Our dependency on technology has increased manifold in recent years. Businesses are now offering devices like tablets, laptops, and mobiles, to employees for work purposes. This often means buying and deploying hundreds of devices at the same time and within a short period. Expectedly, most companies don’t want to deal with all of that in-house, and would rather outsource their requirements. There are deployment services that can offer custom mobile device management solutions for businesses. Here is an overview of basic aspects.

What do device deployment services offer?

Every deployment service has its own perks, but at the basic level, they are responsible for procuring, unpacking, setting up mobile devices and laptops. They take care of necessary precautions and preset details, to ensure that company devices are used as expected, and as needed, they handle repairs and maintenance of these devices. An experience deployment service has all the understanding and manpower to handle large requirements for corporate firms, and they can ensure that repairs, and even recycling, of these devices remain affordable to their clients.

Finding a service

As we mentioned, not all deployment services are same, so do your homework and find a company that can offer custom solutions for your business. They should be able to deploy hundreds of devices at the same time and without delays, and in case of repairs, they must be quick. If they can offer pickup and drop off services, that’s always an added advantage. Check if the concerned company has repair packages for older and refurbished devices, and the term of the contract. For iPads, phones, and laptops, the typical lifecycle is considered to be 4 years, and the company should offer a contract for the entire lifecycle. If there are warranties applicable for a product, the same deployment service should be capable of handling that, as well.

Pricing, of course, is one of the major factors to consider while reviewing device deployment services, but don’t be tempted to choose the cheapest one. Device investments for big companies must be feasible for the lifecycle, and there is no point of cutting corners, because the eventual replacement needs would add to the expenses sooner.

Final word

Outsource device deployment to accelerate the process and improve productivity at the workplace. Don’t shy away from asking questions when you sign up with a deployment service, because this could be a meaningful collaboration for the long-term.

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